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BRKV - Beginner traders always have to start somewhere along the way. Most popular beginner guides out there recommend forex demo accounts to be the best way to start your trading career. As for me, I’ve personally tried out the forex demo accounts as well as many different types of account and I think I could safely say that demo account isn’t always the best option. Surely, it’s safe, it’s convenient and there’s no actual loss even if you lose most of your trade. However, its downside is that you don’t really “learn” when you use demo accounts. Those demo accounts are designed with the safety of their traders in mind, thus the unrealistic trading conditions. Demo account traders are essentially learning the basics of forex trading without any of the harm and calculations, which will easily lead them to feel overconfident. That’s why a large majority of people who’ve had successes with demo accounts often find themselves lost when trading with the real accounts, under the trading conditions. The reason for this is rather quite simple, they simply have no experience trading under the real conditions.

 There are many types of real accounts, but I personally find Cent account to be the best for beginners. Therefore, in this article, I’ll be exclusively reviewing Cent accounts and the best forex brokers to create a Cent account. The two main benefits of opening a Cent account are as follow:

  • Cent accounts are real accounts, under the influence of real trading conditions. If you could achieve great successes using a Cent account, there shouldn’t be any problem for you with any other type of forex trading accounts.

  • Unlike other types of accounts, Cent accounts, as its name suggests, use its own currency which is cents. Obviously, cents are a lot cheaper than dollars and have the same functions as any other currency. As for the exchange ratio, a deposition of $10 should get you about 1000 cents in your account, which should be enough for most people to practice trading for 2 to 3 months. This is the prominent benefit of using a Cent account since with this currency, you can learn to plan your trading tactics or utilize your funds more efficiently and safely.

Exness Cent Accounts, why is it better than the others?

Beginners often have a rough time starting their career because most large brokers don’t usually offer the option of opening a Cent account. The reason for this is that beginner traders aren’t their main profit target, or as people casually say, beginners aren’t their whale. Exness, fortunately, is among one of the very few large brokers that offer their Cent Accounts service. Exness is a relatively well-known broker and belongs to one of the largest brokers in the world. If you’re still having any doubts, their trading volume is publicly displayed here.

(Exness’ trading volume reports are audited by Deloitte. Deloitte is among the biggest and most trustworthy accounting firm)

The benefits of trading using a Cent account are listed as follow:

  • Exness is of the top biggest brokers in the world. So basically, you’re practicing trading with one of the best brokers and benefiting from the best trading conditions and top-rated services.

  • There is no minimum deposit requirement. Your minimum deposition can be as low as $.01 and it should still go through.

  • Low minimum order value. Exness Cent Accounts’ minimum order value is 0.01 cents, or $.0001. This is a great benefit since the lower minimum order value, the more orders that we can place and thus more trading experiences for beginners. To practice trading for 3 months, $10 is all you’d need.

  • High leverage. Exness is known for offering relatively high leverage. High leverages mean that you could open more orders. For more information about Exness’ leverage, click here.

  • Payment system. Exness exclusively offers their own lighting fast, cutting edge payment system. Their payment system is fully automatic which makes every transfer/withdrawal processing time to be reduced to the matter of milliseconds. They also offer many other free-of-charge payment services and local payment supports.

  • Top-rated customer care. Needless to say, beginners should always find themselves lost and in need of professional help. That’s why I think beginner traders should always choose brokers that have excellent customer services, and I think Exness do rather well in this field. Exness has 24/7, multiple language support customer care as well as multiple branches all over the world. If you by any chance are not a native English speaker, don’t hesitate to call up and ask for help in your own language since Exness supports over 36 languages total.

If you’re still having doubts about Exness, we have our own review article of Exness right here on our website.

How and where do I open an Exness Cent account?

To open an Exness Cent account, please go to their registration site here.

The whole process is relatively simple and shouldn’t take you any longer than one minute. All you would need to own is a valid email and a phone number.

Hey there, this is Fanara Filippo. I'm the author of this article and I'm currently collaborating with, or BRKV in short. My articles are mainly for forex traders from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, and South Africa.

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